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Privacy and Cookie Policy

The PhD Mummy uses cookies to collect data. This data is used to improve the service that this blog can deliver.



When you give submit your email address to subscribe to this site, your email address is held securely by the web host; Wix. This information is accessed only by The PhD Mummy and is not shared with any third parties.

Should you wish to unsubscribe, to amend your email address, or to have the information we hold deleted, you can press the 'unsubscribe' button at the bottom of one of the emails you receive, or email thephdmummy@gmail.com


Google Analytics

This site has been linked to Google Analytics. This is to help The PhD Mummy be tailored to its audience and to improve it's overall service. Information such as your location, device used to access the site, where you have accessed the site from (i.e. a link through Twitter, from an email, found on a search engine etc), your age, gender, data provider are also collected by Google Analytics. This data is not stored elsewhere by The PhD Mummy. The information collected does not identify you as an individual and therefore cannot be erased if you contact The PhD Mummy to request this. If you do not want this information to be collected, it is suggested that you edit your web browser settings in order to ensure that information is not collected.


Affiliation marketing

The PhD Mummy currently is part of affiliation marketing schemes through Amazon UK, Kickbooster.me and Awin. The information collected ensures that I can be paid any relevant commissions from you buying through the link on The PhD Mummy. Any payment details which you give to the websites that you buy from will be held by those sites and governed by their privacy and data protection policies. The PhD Mummy does not collect any payment information and is not responsible for the content found on websites which has a link from The PhD Mummy.


The cookies collected do not reveal your identity, web use or other behaviour.


Using Awin, means that cookies are used to measure advertising and website traffic to third-party websites. The PhD Mummy is supported by advertising revenue and sometimes we receive commissions for ads you see and the links you click on. To help us keep track of referrals, our service providers use small text files called cookies and similar technology on your device.